14th Oct 2011

The first sea-freight container of New Zealand apples ever exported to Australia has arrived just in time for the Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard to savor this weekend if the All Blacks triumph over the Wallabies in Sunday’s Rugby World Cup Semi-Final.

ENZA General Manager, Snow Hardy says the 20ft container packed with around 700 trays of JAZZ™ apples is the largest and first ‘meaningful volume’ of New Zealand apples to be sold in Australia since the ban on kiwi apples was put in place in 1919.  “Our JAZZ™ apples have arrived in great condition and have been well received with the shipment already sold to independent retailers.”

Until now, just a few cartons of New Zealand apples have made it into Australia since the 90-year ban on imports of kiwi apples was lifted earlier this year.  But the country’s largest apple exporter, ENZA has successfully met the strict criteria set by MAF and the Australian quarantine service to pack and ship the first container of Hawke’s Bay grown JAZZ™ apples, which have just arrived.

Hardy says while the process to pack and get the JAZZ™ apples into Australia has been difficult, after 90 years the company is ‘thrilled’ to have got the first commercial scale shipment through.

It’s a victory for New Zealand apple growers that could be even sweeter if the All Blacks beat Australia in this weekend’s RWC semi final with a high stakes bet between Prime Ministers John Key and Julia Gillard riding on the game.  “The PM of the losing side has to publicly eat an apple from the other country and sing its praises.  If the Aussies lose – it will be a Hawke’s Bay grown ENZA JAZZ™ apple that’s polished and presented to Ms Gillard to bite into.”

“We believe Australia will become an important market for JAZZ™ in the future.  We always expected this season would be tough after the 90 year fight to keep our apples out and we need to work towards making the export process more straightforward and cost effective for next year.”

Hardy says the JAZZ™ apple shipment will probably be the only large export of New Zealand apples to Australia this season. ENDS.



About ENZA:

Merged with Turners & Growers in 2003 to create a global growing and distribution network.

One of the world’s best known produce brands.

Key supplier of fresh produce to 22 of the world’s top 25 retailers.

Owns the rights to new global varieties including JAZZ™ and ENVY™ apples and ENZARed Kiwifruit.

New Zealand’s largest apple exporter.

Sells fruit in more than 60 countries.

Grows apples in 12 countries.

One of the world’s best known produce brands.

Key supplier of fresh produce to 22 of the world’s top 25 retailers.


About Turners & Growers:

Sells approximately of $1 billion of fresh produce globally each year.

45 companies worldwide in the Turners & Growers Group including ENZA.

New Zealand’s leading distributor, marketer and exporter of premium fresh produce

The largest corporate horticulture investor in New Zealand.

The largest grower of new apple varieties, hothouse tomatoes and citrus.

Own the largest network of fresh produce markets in New Zealand facilitating more than 200 million kilograms of fresh fruit and vegetables every day.

One of the largest operators of fruit cool stores and pack houses throughout New Zealand.

Operates a specialized fresh produce transport fleet in New Zealand that travels more than 4 million kilometers every year.



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