About T&G



We work with Plant and Food Research and other entities to create new varieties of produce.



We grow produce in over 12 locations around the globe including pipfruit, grapes, citrus, kiwifruit and covered crops.



We employ locals, backpackers, students, RSEs (Registered Seasonal Employees) from around the world to help pick our produce.



Produce is sent to one of our many pack-houses across New Zealand and world wide, ready to be sorted, stored or shipped.


Cool StoreCool & Store

We have a network of over 41,000m2 of storage facilities around the globe



In New Zealand we have a fleet of 55 trucks that deliver produce from the grower to the pack-house and then out around the country. Every year we ship over 20,000 refrigerated containers full of product worldwide.



We have an experienced team of traders and sales specialists who buy and sell on behalf of growers. We also have a dedicated team of Marketing experts that help promote the produce to the consumer.

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